Transportation of liquid non-dangerous food

Transportation of liquid non-dangerous food

The company “Legenda” provides transportation services for the delivery of liquid non-hazardous food by tank trucks in international and intercity communications.

Tank trucks for transportation of liquid food comply with European environmental standards and undergo special treatment with disinfectants before each loading. Drivers who are engaged in the transportation of food liquids are required to undergo a medical examination and have sanitary cards.

We transport the following liquid food cargoes:

  • Syrup;
  • Juices;
  • Juice based syrups;
  • Milk products;
  • Liquid food additives;
  • Liquid chocolate;
  • Sunflower and rapeseed oil;
  • Other food bulk freights.

Each of these products requires specific temperature conditions for transportation. To implement these requirements, each tank is equipped with certain options and equipment for the transport of each product: heating of the product, equipment for loading / unloading, steam heating, various pumping stations, a system for washing chambers for dairy products, etc.

Our specialists have extensive experience and select optimal conditions for the transportation of products and in compliance with the delivery dates.

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