Transportation of liquid dangerous food (ADR)

Transportation of liquid dangerous food (ADR)

The company Legenda provides transportation services for the delivery of dangerous food (ADR) by tank trucks in international and intercity communications.

We transport the following dangerous food goods:

  • Cognac;
  • Vodka;
  • Beer and raw materials for its manufacture;
  • Wines and wine materials;
  • Alcohol food;
  • Other dangerous food cargoes.

Our company transports dangerous food goods of the following classes:

  • ADR 3;
  • ADR 4.1;
  • ADR 5.1;
  • ADR 6.1;
  • ADR 6.2;
  • ADR 8;
  • ADR 9.

We place high demands on transport and personnel when transporting dangerous goods. All drivers and employees who are responsible for the operation of vehicles are required to undergo training at specialized courses and have certificates of ADR (specialist in working with dangerous goods), as well as undergo a medical examination and have sanitary cards.

Tank trucks for transportation of liquid hazardous food meet European environmental standards and undergo special treatment with disinfectants before each loading.

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